Get to know EZTrader

Trading Binary Options with EZTrader

EZTrader is a popular online broker available to traders across Europe, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific.  Established in 2008, it one of the most well-known and reputable online trading platforms for binary options.  EZTrader is fully regulated by CySEC and provides a transparent and reliable platform ideal for both beginner and professional traders.   Binary options are offered on more than 120 assets listed on exchanges around the world.

Trading binary options online is an easy-to-understand and relatively speedy way to execute trades based on movements in the financial markets.   As the name suggests, in binary options there are only two possible outcomes – that the value of an asset will either rise or fall, within a preset period of time.  All that traders need to do is choose an asset, select an expiry time, and predict in which direction that asset price will move.  If they predict correctly, the option traded was successful and a pre-set payout is paid.

At EZTrader, customers can execute trades 24 hours a day, 7 days a week thanks to the large and diverse selection of assets and trade types.   Assets include stocks of well know multinational companies such as Google, Apple, Barclays and BMW, as well as the indices they are listed in, such as the FTSE 100 , The DOW JONES and the NASDAQ.  Popular currency pairs include USD/JPY, AUD/USD and EUR/GBP.   EZTrader also offers option on commodities such as Gold, Silver, Copper and Oil.    EZTrader offers 60 second options, short term option, long term options as well as sell options –am exciting feature which allows traders to sell back their purchased option if the chance their mind before the option has expired.

Another feature available to traders is EZ Experts – a panel of independent traders who share their trading patterns and tips with other traders.  EZTrader’s signals service provides reliable, up to the minute trading signals from an independent 3rd party, while its extensive Education Centre has eBooks, webinars, training videos and numerous articles covering all aspects of binary options trading.

EZTrader FC is a fun promotional site dedicated to the company’s exciting partnerships with various top tier European football teams including Tottenham Hotspur, AS Monaco and VfL Wolfsburg.  EZTrader Events is an engaging and enjoyable feature which enables traders to learn how to trade on the outcomes of specific market events, such as the Brexit vote, the US elections and the release of an NFP report.   The EZTrader is the official blog of the brokers, offering daily updates on movements in the financial markets and weekly forecasts for the week ahead.